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The Future of Invex Gaming - Byte - 26-06-2018

Over the past two months, the status and plans for the Invex community have been reviewed.

  • Invex started as a small Surf server back in Dec 2014.
  • It quickly grew to add Jailbreak and 1v1 to the community.
  • Due to lack of competition and non-innovative servers, Invex servers became quickly popular.
  • Today there are decent server providers out there and constant updates and maintenance is needed to keep servers interesting!
Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to continue developing or maintaining our current servers.
Furthermore, the popularly of CSGO has been going down for some time now. We did start as a CSGO community and are one to this day but we also enjoy playing other games.
We cannot host servers for many of these games even though a lot of our community play these games.

The Future of Invex Gaming
After careful deliberation, we have decided to shut down ALL of our CSGO community servers (except the Invex DEV server).
Invex will no longer be branded as a CSGO based community. We will be instead known as a gaming community.
Invex will still be around! We will be rebranding and taking a somewhat different approach focusing on what we do well, community events.
We plan on hosting regular community events, properly planned, funded and organised for our community members.

There are some obvious concerns:
  • What if players leave?
  • How will new players discover us/stick around the community?
  • What if this idea does not work? Will we go back? Fully shut down servers?
These are challenging times but we have an amazing community that I believe can make this change successfully.
Much more details will be released in the future.

All of our CSGO community servers (excluding the Invex Dev server) will be officially shutdown on: 6th July 2018
Rebranding and other changes to the current system will follow afterwards.
A detailed financial report will be released to the public to show the current Invex balance and how Invex funds have been spend (since Dec 2016).

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them in this thread (and only in this thread) where Byte will be providing answers.

Thank you.

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Squidward - 26-06-2018

<3 thanks for the good times Byte, for bringing everyone together, and doing a damn good job at it

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Blurry - 26-06-2018

Rip Mortys admin app

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - teddiE - 26-06-2018

hehe xd

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Nigel - 26-06-2018

RIP admin app lmao

its been fun guys

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Forgotten - 26-06-2018

What will happen to current head administrators/normal admins? Promotion? Demotion? Change of rank? New forum admin rank? How will players obtain the veteran rank if there’ll be nothing to suggest or admin towards as that was what got 90% of veterans their rank?

Besides that, was good while it lasted. Loved Jailbreak so much time invested playing, testing and building Jailbreak and it’s communtiy itself. You guys are awesome.

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Maxi - 26-06-2018

Been a good time <3

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - Nigel - 26-06-2018

ps you got the date wrong, its already the 26th of june, you said 6th...

and what if someone like Magikarp wanted to run a server in invex's name (just using you as an example)
Like if you don't have the time to deal with that right now but someone else was willing would you let them.
Also, if you run ads at the start screen it could generate some income, especially in servers that have a lot of players but little vip donators (1v1 aim) i understand if you dont have the time to implement this but once again I'm sure there will be willing people to do this. I know this is probably a final decision but possibly in the future it could be implemented if csgo ever revives itself

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - NiNjA - 26-06-2018

when will it be back i need my life to disappere

RE: The Future of Invex Gaming - 0VEE - 26-06-2018

Kinda what happens when you ban half your community off the server for stupid shit lol

Guess this is what happens when you done reach your funding goal for 2 months.. lmao

"csgo is dying" good one Byte Wink